About Us

Company Overview

The company was formed in 1998 to develop power electronic products and their applications to provide working and cost effective solutions to customer's needs.
The company provides overall turnkey solutions for a number of clients in various non-conflicting markets.
AC Power Solutions can offer a one stop solution and peace of mind for customers. Possessing an understanding and experience of all types of industrial and computer based applications and infrastructures. AC Power Solutions engineers routinely visit customer's premises to analyse problems and willingly accept any challenge presented to them.
They can help with risk assessments and offer advice to design, install or commission as well as provide training or planned maintenance.
Our commitment to customer service and product development ensures the continued effectiveness of our products and systems. Service and support is only a telephone call away.

Managing Directors Statement

Utilising our skills to meet your needs
Our company’s future success and profitability is entirely dependent on the price, service provision and quality of services we provide to our clients.
We strive to offer the most competitive prices, the best quality of service, and the highest possible standards available within the UK. We help our clients achieve their strategic goals and profit by listening and utilising our experience and expertise. We have one purpose in mind: to help organisations achieve their strategic goals and profit from delivery of our partnership and a greed solutions
Our people solve complex and difficult problems that are critical to the success and even the survival of our clients. We use best-in-class components and apply technology at scale and in sophisticated production environments. AC Power Solutions help standardised best-in-class components with industry.

We believe that each client is unique, and that each client’s conception of value will change over time. New conditions will prevail, new priorities will emerge and new technologies will become affordable. A custom approach specifically designed with your business in mind.

One Company, One Vision,